Monday, January 30, 2012

Sexy Blowjob

The video is a little grainy, but it's very hot. Watch as this talented slut expertly works that thick cock. Bobbing on the head only to slide effortlessly, balls-deep over and over. You won't see his cum but if you watch closely you'll see his gorgeous cock pulse and throb as it empties his balls into her lucky mouth!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Brenda turned at the sound to see her son standing in the doorway, stroking his dick as he watched his Mom's pussy being stuffed full of their neighbor's black cock. But before she could react to the shocking sight, her cunt spasmed hard in her fourth orgasm of the afternoon even as her son groaned and sprayed cum all over the carpet.

Client Services

Some clients require extra special service . . .


Honey, is there something you want to tell me?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

BBC Worship


OMFG! What a body!

Lost to It

She'd only planned to fool around a little with Daryl, but things escalated so fast! One moment his tongue was deep in her mouth, the next her top was off and his thick lips were locked on her sensitive nipples. Then before she could begin to think straight his hand slid down her back and under her panties. Her body shivered as his rough fingers drove down between her cheeks, glided over her tight pucker and slid deep in her dripping pussy.

It took only a few minutes of this to wipe clean any thoughts of resistance. Her body was his and she barely even flinched as a juice slick thumb pushed into her ass. It was a sensation she'd never imagined and she pushed down seeking more.

Fifteen minutes later she took her first black cock, not in her pussy, but deep in her ass. Eagerly impaling her once virgin hole on Daryl's massive cock.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Play Rehearsal

You were always so understanding of your girlfriend's love of performing. So when she had yet another long rehearsal for the Fall play, you smiled and told her to go have fun. 

Don't worry . . . she is!


Though she had only been Carrie's 'Mom' for a few months, Donna was already doing so much to help her new stepdaughter learn how to treat boys!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tommy's Technique

Tommy's Mom just couldn't figure it out. Her husband's work had forced the family to move numerous times, yet Tommy always managed to make friends as soon as he arrived at his new school. She was happy, but secretly surprised that his slim body and complete lack of manly attributes hadn't attracted more trouble with bullies. However he did it, she just hoped it continued in their new home.

That evening Tommy came home with two new friends and Mom smiled in relief as they went up to Tommy's room to study. She might not have been so happy if she'd seen her son an hour later, sprawled on his bed as two young studs painted his smiling, cocksucker-red lips with a thick coating of cum.

You see 'Tammy' had discovered that even a bully could be reasoned with after he'd emptied his balls into a warm, suctioning throat!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Painted Ladies

Walk in the Woods

Donna, to the consternation of her other college friends, always cut through the park on the walk home from her classes. Her friends would warn her about the homeless guys who frequented the park, but Donna would just smile and tell them that she had never been bothered by anyone.

Fucked senseless, most deffinately, but never bothered. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sgt. BBC

Sergeant Lynn Collins had a secret. She'd managed to keep it locked away and out of sight for years, but as a new basic training instructor her control started to slip. Even as she dressed down the young, black recruits she'd be unable to stop her eyes from drifting to his crotch. She'd imagine a long, thick, black cock hiding beneath his fatigues and her pussy would begin to juice uncontrollably. 

But she kept it under control . . . until the day she found the young black recruit jerking off while on laundry detail.  She was about to launch into her standard TI rant when he turned all the way around and she found herself unable to continue as she stared at his throbbing black shaft. Malcolm recognized the signs of white submission and quickly took control. 

Now Sergeant Collins has extra duties to perform after light's out!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Monica's eyes locked with Peter's through the open bedroom door. For the next 10 minutes she would continue to stare as her brother was fucked like the whimpering, moaning, sissy-bitch he was.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perfect Body?

This girl may, in my hormone soaked opinion, have the PERFECT female body. From the cute face to the full, firm breasts to the defined waist to the flared hips, cute ass and nicely shaped thighs, she is amazing. All I have are these few gifs I found.

Curvy Amateur in BBC Ecstasy

What is so hot about this video is how into it she is. The look on her face and the moaning and gasping are so real. You can tell she is really enjoying it!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

BBC Pledge

Why does this pic get me sooooo HOT?!

A Brother's Job

Jack wasn't worried about taking his little sister to her first college party. After all, he'd be there to keep an eye on her! But as the party wore on and he found more and more drinks appearing in his hand, he started to lose track of Bonnie. 

Some time later, unsure of how he'd even gotten to the bedroom, he saw two big, black frat guys lead his obviously tipsy sister into the room. Jack made half hearted, drunken motions to say something and get up, but the pretty black girl cuddled up next to him just stroked his 6", semi hard cock and whispered for him to relax.

"Dion and Michael just want to get to know her better. It'll be good for her to get a little attention."

Jack wasn't sure about that, but her hand kept distracting him as it stroked him slowly and expertly. But his eyes went wide as Michael stripped off his shorts to reveal 9in of black cock. At the same time Dion simply guided Bonnie into a squat and held her head steady. 

Inside Jack's brain, hormones warred with the brotherly need to protect his sister. But as Michael's thick meat slid, slowly into Bonnie's obviously willing mouth, lust won out. 

The black girl next to him stroked Jack's throbbing dick more aggressively. "See, she's learning how a little, white girl can best communicate with the black boys she meets!"

A little while later, Jack emptied his nuts all over his chest as Michael emptied his all over Bonnie's upturned, smiling face!

Diane Learns

Diane had been confiding to her friend Keisha for weeks about her curiosity about black men. On more than one occasion, while at happy hour after work, she'd giggled and joked about the 'myth' of black dick. Eventually Keisha had gotten tired of it. So one evening she'd gotten Diane drunk and then brought up the subject again. After only a few minutes Diane had fallen into the trap and loudly bet the black beauty that HER boyfriend was hung better than Keisha's!

Within an hour Diane's mouth was being stretched around the biggest cock she'd ever had while Keisha held her head and whispered into her ear. 

"Now you know what a REAL COCK is, you little, whiny, white bitch. Tonight Tyrone is going to send you home to your pathetic little BOYfriend with your ass and cunt so stretched out that you'll never feel white dick again!"

A moment later, Diane's formerly virgin throat succumbed to her first black face-fuck!