Saturday, June 30, 2012


Girlfriend Unleashed

It had taken some convincing to get your girlfriend to go the adult bookstore, but when she showed curiosity in the booths in the back of the store you figured you'd hit the jackpot. As you changed a $10 for singles and led her back into the dark hallway you envisioned her on her knees sucking your dick. 

And, at first, it seemed a likely result. At least until the unnoticed glory hole in the wall suddenly filled with a huge, black cock. It brushed her arm and she looked down and gasped at the thick, 8 inch shaft that hung there, throbbing. Before you could say anything, her hand slowly wrapped around it and began to caress it. You were in awe as you watched, unable to bring yourself to stop what was happening.

You watched in light headed, amazement as she knelt. Your own dick almost painfully hard as your proper, upright girlfriend slid her mouth over the anonymous cock and began to suck. A moment later, as you stroked your aching dick, you watched as a second black cock slid into view, and soon into her mouth as well.

It wasn't long before nature took over and she answered the call of her drooling pussy. Bending over and pushing back to impale her tight, white hole on those pulsing cocks. Her eyes closed, feeling each and every vein as her body was stretched open to accommodate their girth.

You couldn't stop her because you didn't want to. You didn't want to because you never realized how much it would turn you on to watch the woman you loved, give her mouth and pussy to anonymous black cock. Seeing the lust in her eyes as her body was ravaged and hearing the whimpers as she was made to cum over and over and over . . .

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Principle Janet Wells had a reputation for for not taking crap from anyone. She also had a reputation as a bitch to everyone on her staff as well. Bo Tyler had a reputation himself.  Which is why several of the school's staff members conspired to have him sent to the Principle's office for lewd conduct. 

When Janet's secretary started to hear loud, wet, sucking sounds coming from the office, she smiled. Apparently both their reputations were true! Bo was known for turning every white girl in school into BBC sluts, and Janet was now, well and truly . . . a bitch. Bo's Bitch.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wonderful Hypno Clip!

Another excellent one I found on Annamalice's site. Just watch, listen and let your mind go . . . (If you have problems with rapid flashes or strobe effects, then you will want to skip it)

Friday, June 8, 2012


You stare at the picture as you you stroke your cock. You know you're gonna cum soon. Yes, it's your older sister, and that is hot. Yes she's getting covered in the cum of at least two guys, and that's really hot.

You also know that tattoo on the guy's wrist, and that's really hot! It's your 'baby' brother, and that makes your dick throb! But it's the fact that you so wish he would do THAT to YOU that makes you whimper and spray your juice all over the desk!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Son's Toy

When you found the picture on your son's computer, you were a little shocked and more than a little turned on to see him face fucking some blonde tart. It was obviously not his redheaded girlfriend, but whoever the slut was, she didn't look like she was resisting much. 

As you began to jerk off to it you noticed something about the girl. It took you a few moments to put it together, but then it hit you. That was his new Drama teacher . . . Patrick Nelson! A few seconds later your balls tightened and you emptied your balls all over the keyboard to the thought of your son turning his teacher into a sissy, cum-hole.

You were now actually looking forward to the next parent - teacher meeting!

Friday, June 1, 2012


All you can do is watch, as Daryl fucks your wife senseless. Your little clit strains in your tight, pink panties. You pull at your bonds, not to escape, but in a desperate need to touch yourself. Your wife was turned on by his 9" black cock, when she knelt and sucked it. But when he pushed her onto her knees and slid the entire length up her wet cunt, she gasped. After a few minutes she was moaning for him to fuck her pussy. A few minutes more and she started to beg to have her CUNT stretched! Now she can only moan and whimper as her pussy is properly trained for thick, black meat.

Her glazed eyes lock with yours as she gasps, "I love black cock, I love black cock" over and over. Before the night ends, she'll know just how much you love it too.