Saturday, October 27, 2012

Curvy Woman Enjoying a Dildo (Video)

I love this video! A woman with such a perfect, curvy ass, slowly fucking herself on a thick, black dildo while kneeling on her kitchen counter. I can't get over how beautiful her round, creamy ass is! Her skin is perfection! I just want to lick and kiss it as she pleasures herself. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

True Ecstasy

Images of ecstasy

I Hope So!

Yes! I hope that at this very moment my Ex is bent over a table somewhere as a thick, hard, black cock slithers deeply inside her ass. 

I hope she's moaning and whimpering as she is converted, thrust by thrust, into a BBC slut. 

I hope when the night is over that she'll lay in bed, slipping three fingers up her ass and cumming again to the feeling of her stretched and cum oozing hole. 

I hope she gives her body over to the care of huge black cocks from then on. 

I hope this makes her feel complete sexual satisfaction.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Moment

Eric's mouth hovered over the long, beautiful cock. The cock that belonged to his little brother's best friend. How he had gotten to this point, his lust fogged brain couldn't quite deduce. All that mattered now was this moment. He could pull away and risk embarrassment, or he could lower his mouth over the mouth watering shaft and let go.

Let the cock slide deep into his mouth. Penetrating him. Filling him. Fucking him. He knew it would change him.  His heart fluttered, his own dick throbbed and his mouth began to water. . .  It was the moment of truth.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Night to Remember

A Halloween they would never forget . . .

Jason and Mark had thought it would be such a hoot to crash the frat party at the local College. They figured they'd dress up in their sister's sluttiest clothes, get guys to hit on them, and then get a big laugh from revealing that they were just a couple of High School Juniors!

It had gone great at first, since the two boys really did look feminine with little if any body hair, small frames, and long hair. But they waited a little too long to let the frat boys know the truth. By the time they did, the college guys were so drunk and horny that they didn't really care.

Mark and Jason resisted at first, but soon the alcohol and the constant groping started to erode their sense of what was normal. Then the first cocks pushed into their mouths and for a brief time they both made one last attempt to escape. But then it happened. Mark heard a moan and looked over to see a large, college cock slide deeper and deeper into Jason's mouth and realized the moan wasn't from the frat boy, it was from Jason!

It wasn't long before both 'bois' were moaning and slobbering on upper class dick, as fingers pushed into their tight, virgin holes. 

Yes, this Halloween was surely a turning point for both of them!