Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot Oral Cum

A compilation of oral cumshots. Some are just OK, but a number of them are really hot!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Sister's Surprise

Renee had always been dismissive and rude to her little sister's black boyfriends. Janet had been exclusively dating black boys since shortly after starting High School. Now as a senior, her current boyfriend was actually over a year younger than she was. Renee, three years older than her sister and home from college for the summer, was disgusted to see Janet hanging off the young black boy like a faithful pet.

Then came the Saturday night Renee had come home from a particularly dull time at the bar. A friend had dropped her off, still pretty buzzed. Her parents were out of town for the weekend visiting friends and at 2 am she didn't expect to see any lights on. But not only were the family room lights on, but music was thumping loud enough to hear on the street. Annoyed and slightly drunk Renee stalked into the house to find a scene that took her breath away.

She was transfixed by the sight of at least 9" of BLACK COCK plunging into Janet's tiny, teen pussy. "Not tiny anymore" she thought, as the thick shaft thrust balls-deep in time with the music. It was the most beautiful cock she'd ever seen. It dwarfed anything she'd ever had inside her and the shiny coating of her sister's pussy juice only made it hotter. Her pussy throbbed and drooled as she walked unsteadily into the room.

An hour later, Renee had learned. Under Marcus' firm instructions and Janet's eager guidance, big sister was taught the art of submission to BLACK COCK. Now with cum still oozing out of her pussy, Janet eagerly accepted her first face full of black semen. Only the first of many BLACK COCKS she would come to worship.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shemale Therapy

Stumbled onto this interesting 'hypno' style video you might like. Let me know what you think.

Sissy Caption

Some have probably already seen this one somewhere else, but the caption is kinda hot. Of course the gurl is very hot too!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lose a Friend, Gain a Slut

Eric used to be Ken's closest friend. But stumbling upon his secret had changed all that. Eric, his friend, was gone now. But Erica, the cum receptacle, was here to stay. 

Master is Always Right

Mary had been uncomfortable when her Master first brought up the idea. But now . . .  seeing her daughter, eyes closed, lost in Black Cock worship, she knew he had been right as always.

Karla had always been able to get what she wanted from her teachers by flirting and flashing her tits and ass. But she got more than she bargained for with Mr. Jackson. He taught her the most important lesson any white girl could learn. 

Now Karla doesn't care about her grades that much anymore. She's too focused on begging Mr. Jackson to stuff her full of Big, Black Cock.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Sister's Date Night

You froze as you walked past your little sister's open door. You had heard Julie and her date arrive home a little while ago and since your parents were out till late, you assumed they would mess around a bit. But   . . .

That wasn't Daniel, her long time boyfriend! Your dick hardens instantly as you watched his muscled ass thrust forward in quick, deep strokes. Julie's pale legs spread wide in welcome and her hand grips his ass, urging him on. Deeper inside her teen pussy. His grunting becomes louder and her voice suddenly rises in a climax that seems to go on and on as he continues to fuck her with powerful strokes. 

Your eyes are riveted to that thick, black cock fucking your 'baby' sister. A dark, twisted voice in your head whispers, "Breeding her white cunt." What are you thinking?!?! That's your sister! 

But those hours trolling interracial porn has left it's mark, hasn't it? What little outrage you feel at the scene before you is easily overwhelmed by your lust. Raw, burning lust at watching the young, black bull take your sister. You are lost to it as you pull your throbbing dick out and masturbate.  Stroking your little, pink dick as the young black boy fucks Julie senseless as she whimpers in pleasure. And in the back of your mind, the voice  whispers, "My little sister is now a black cock slut" as you cum hard all over the wall.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teaching Bobbi 'Her' Place

Six months ago Rob was an average heterosexual guy dating a voluptuous redhead he'd met at his new job. What he didn't know was that Audrey was already owned by a group of her black co-workers. For the last year she had spent at least three nights a week being gang fucked with monster black cocks in every available orifice. When Rob started work Master Randy had commented to Audrey that he looked like a little white sissyboy. Audrey agreed and immediately started him down the path to sissyhood. She secretly started him on hormones and after months of submissive play she finally had him shaving his body, growing out his hair and wearing panties. The final step was the introduction of subliminal, hypno audio files that she had him listen to when he exercised and more intense ones after he went to bed at night.

But it all came together tonight. Amazingly horny and mildly drunk from spiked soda, he was ready. Soon Audrey's master and his best friend arrived. They were truly amazed at the transformation of Rob into Bobbi. Stunned at seeing the two built, black men in his apartment he just stood there as they both unlimbered thick, powerful black cocks and stroked them to hardness as the poor, dazed sissy-to-be stared in awe. Pushed to his knees by Audrey, he was powerless to resist as Randy's 9in black shaft slid into his mouth. As Audrey watched, nature took it's course and the two black, alpha males taught Bobbi what a white sissyboy was born to do.

Here we see Daryl sampling Bobbi's tight boi-cunt as Randy gets ready to flood her mouth with the first of many loads of semen. Bobbi's eyes tell the story. 'She' now understands her place in the world. Servicing superior Black Cock.