Sunday, April 8, 2012


You were always so impressed with your girlfriend's determination to teach her students and all the extra time she spent tutoring them. You were so proud of her professionalism!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just Wanna . . .


The Deal

"That's it you little sissy-bitch, suck all of Marcus' cum out of your little sister's cunt! As long as you keep cleaning up after my BBC fuck sessions, I won't tell Mom that you regularly stuff her dildo up your sissy-hole and wear my panties! Yeah, make me cum you worthless slut!"

Such a Sexy Sissy-Slut!

I kept trying to find a good story or caption for this photo, but nothing seemed right. All I know is that it's one of the sexiest sissy pics I've ever seen. The long black hair. The sexy lingerie. The sexy, smooth ass. And that thick, black dildo she's impaling herself on!!!! What a sexy gurl!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Son, the Model

Your son had been studying in Europe for about a month when you received the email about his big break. He had gushed profusely about his good fortune at being discovered by a big modeling agency. But it had been a year later before his first major photo shoot. 

You eagerly click the link he'd sent and felt confusion as the picture of the sexy redhead loaded. 

You scroll to the next. Yes, stunning to be sure, but what did this have to do with Andrew? Yet you couldn't help noticing what an amazing ass she had! Your dick began to stiffen as you imagined it sliding between her silky cheeks and into her tight snatch. You can't help but rub the hard bulge in your shorts.

You scroll to the next and froze, as the hard cock came into view, jutting from between a pair of flawless, feminine thighs. You don't even realize your still rubbing your cock. It's not the first girly-boi you've seen before and she is hot, after all. 

Quickly to the last pic and, after another long look at 'her' cock, laying across her thigh, your eyes slide upwards. Past the perky breasts and moist, parted lips . . . and into your son's sultry eyes!

The reality batters you. Your son is a transexual! Does that mean he . . . she (?). . . sucks cock? The image of those lips being stretched wide by a big, hard cock flashes into your brain. Oh fuck! YES! You close your eyes and 'watch' your girly son being fucked like a slut as your cock erupts! 

Is it time for a European vacation?