Friday, May 25, 2012

The Urge

It started as just curiosity. Doesn't every guy wonder at some point? I mean, you see other guy's . . . you know . . . and don't you just wonder? You've watched your wife do it, and she likes it. So you wonder what it would feel like on the other end. You know . . . a cock . . . in your mouth.

Then it happens. Maybe a friend or maybe you were at one of those bookstores and discovered the glory hole. But the important thing is that you do it. You . . . suck another man's cock. And you like it. The feel of your mouth being filled and . . . the cum. You never expected to like the taste and the feel of cum oozing into your mouth! So hot and salty and . . . manly. 

But how did you end up here? The makeup, the high heels, the lingerie. Your wife on the bed, masturbating. Her new lover towering over you . . . stroking his big cock. You know you should be mad. You should resist. You know without a doubt that you shouldn't be on your knees. You shouldn't have your mouth open and your tongue out. And you really shouldn't let your wife hear you moan as his cum drips into your mouth!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


You could see it in your wife's eyes that she had seen you peeking through the window. 

And yet . . . she never stopped sucking. 

Lasting Effects

You were 15 when you first caught Mom with the neighbor's kids.

Soon you were making sure to get home early enough after school to watch her regular sessions. Listening to her moaning and whimpering as those long, thick, black cocks filled her mouth, pussy and ass. Hearing your mom beg them to "fuck her hard with their monster black cocks".

You never thought jerking off to your Mom's slutty antics would affect you. Not really.

At least not until that day when your college roommate pulled your panties down and began feeding his black fuck-stick deep into your 19 year old boy-cunt. And as you hear yourself cry out what a black cock whore you are, you realize that you really do take after your Mom.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Excellent Blowjob, Outstanding Audio

This is a great cocksucking video, but it's actually worth it for the sound alone! Turn it up loud!