Friday, June 1, 2012


All you can do is watch, as Daryl fucks your wife senseless. Your little clit strains in your tight, pink panties. You pull at your bonds, not to escape, but in a desperate need to touch yourself. Your wife was turned on by his 9" black cock, when she knelt and sucked it. But when he pushed her onto her knees and slid the entire length up her wet cunt, she gasped. After a few minutes she was moaning for him to fuck her pussy. A few minutes more and she started to beg to have her CUNT stretched! Now she can only moan and whimper as her pussy is properly trained for thick, black meat.

Her glazed eyes lock with yours as she gasps, "I love black cock, I love black cock" over and over. Before the night ends, she'll know just how much you love it too.

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