Monday, January 23, 2012

Tommy's Technique

Tommy's Mom just couldn't figure it out. Her husband's work had forced the family to move numerous times, yet Tommy always managed to make friends as soon as he arrived at his new school. She was happy, but secretly surprised that his slim body and complete lack of manly attributes hadn't attracted more trouble with bullies. However he did it, she just hoped it continued in their new home.

That evening Tommy came home with two new friends and Mom smiled in relief as they went up to Tommy's room to study. She might not have been so happy if she'd seen her son an hour later, sprawled on his bed as two young studs painted his smiling, cocksucker-red lips with a thick coating of cum.

You see 'Tammy' had discovered that even a bully could be reasoned with after he'd emptied his balls into a warm, suctioning throat!

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