Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Brother's Job

Jack wasn't worried about taking his little sister to her first college party. After all, he'd be there to keep an eye on her! But as the party wore on and he found more and more drinks appearing in his hand, he started to lose track of Bonnie. 

Some time later, unsure of how he'd even gotten to the bedroom, he saw two big, black frat guys lead his obviously tipsy sister into the room. Jack made half hearted, drunken motions to say something and get up, but the pretty black girl cuddled up next to him just stroked his 6", semi hard cock and whispered for him to relax.

"Dion and Michael just want to get to know her better. It'll be good for her to get a little attention."

Jack wasn't sure about that, but her hand kept distracting him as it stroked him slowly and expertly. But his eyes went wide as Michael stripped off his shorts to reveal 9in of black cock. At the same time Dion simply guided Bonnie into a squat and held her head steady. 

Inside Jack's brain, hormones warred with the brotherly need to protect his sister. But as Michael's thick meat slid, slowly into Bonnie's obviously willing mouth, lust won out. 

The black girl next to him stroked Jack's throbbing dick more aggressively. "See, she's learning how a little, white girl can best communicate with the black boys she meets!"

A little while later, Jack emptied his nuts all over his chest as Michael emptied his all over Bonnie's upturned, smiling face!


  1. turned out stories are so delicious.

  2. puoi solo inginocchiarti e servirlo


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