Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lost to It

She'd only planned to fool around a little with Daryl, but things escalated so fast! One moment his tongue was deep in her mouth, the next her top was off and his thick lips were locked on her sensitive nipples. Then before she could begin to think straight his hand slid down her back and under her panties. Her body shivered as his rough fingers drove down between her cheeks, glided over her tight pucker and slid deep in her dripping pussy.

It took only a few minutes of this to wipe clean any thoughts of resistance. Her body was his and she barely even flinched as a juice slick thumb pushed into her ass. It was a sensation she'd never imagined and she pushed down seeking more.

Fifteen minutes later she took her first black cock, not in her pussy, but deep in her ass. Eagerly impaling her once virgin hole on Daryl's massive cock.

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