Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teaching Bobbi 'Her' Place

Six months ago Rob was an average heterosexual guy dating a voluptuous redhead he'd met at his new job. What he didn't know was that Audrey was already owned by a group of her black co-workers. For the last year she had spent at least three nights a week being gang fucked with monster black cocks in every available orifice. When Rob started work Master Randy had commented to Audrey that he looked like a little white sissyboy. Audrey agreed and immediately started him down the path to sissyhood. She secretly started him on hormones and after months of submissive play she finally had him shaving his body, growing out his hair and wearing panties. The final step was the introduction of subliminal, hypno audio files that she had him listen to when he exercised and more intense ones after he went to bed at night.

But it all came together tonight. Amazingly horny and mildly drunk from spiked soda, he was ready. Soon Audrey's master and his best friend arrived. They were truly amazed at the transformation of Rob into Bobbi. Stunned at seeing the two built, black men in his apartment he just stood there as they both unlimbered thick, powerful black cocks and stroked them to hardness as the poor, dazed sissy-to-be stared in awe. Pushed to his knees by Audrey, he was powerless to resist as Randy's 9in black shaft slid into his mouth. As Audrey watched, nature took it's course and the two black, alpha males taught Bobbi what a white sissyboy was born to do.

Here we see Daryl sampling Bobbi's tight boi-cunt as Randy gets ready to flood her mouth with the first of many loads of semen. Bobbi's eyes tell the story. 'She' now understands her place in the world. Servicing superior Black Cock.


  1. I would love that to be 'my' place. Two beautiful black cocks deep inside me at both ends filling me with their delicious potent seed. Oh my, yes! I would so love that.

  2. I'd love to be spit roasted on 2 beautiful superior 9" black cocks.Being filled with delicious creamy cum up my tight ass and down my willing throat would be heaven

  3. I'd love for that to be my destiny to be used over and over by beautiful BBCs being split roasted and fill with delicious black cum down my throat and in my shemale pussy, OHHH


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