Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Sister's Date Night

You froze as you walked past your little sister's open door. You had heard Julie and her date arrive home a little while ago and since your parents were out till late, you assumed they would mess around a bit. But   . . .

That wasn't Daniel, her long time boyfriend! Your dick hardens instantly as you watched his muscled ass thrust forward in quick, deep strokes. Julie's pale legs spread wide in welcome and her hand grips his ass, urging him on. Deeper inside her teen pussy. His grunting becomes louder and her voice suddenly rises in a climax that seems to go on and on as he continues to fuck her with powerful strokes. 

Your eyes are riveted to that thick, black cock fucking your 'baby' sister. A dark, twisted voice in your head whispers, "Breeding her white cunt." What are you thinking?!?! That's your sister! 

But those hours trolling interracial porn has left it's mark, hasn't it? What little outrage you feel at the scene before you is easily overwhelmed by your lust. Raw, burning lust at watching the young, black bull take your sister. You are lost to it as you pull your throbbing dick out and masturbate.  Stroking your little, pink dick as the young black boy fucks Julie senseless as she whimpers in pleasure. And in the back of your mind, the voice  whispers, "My little sister is now a black cock slut" as you cum hard all over the wall.


  1. Well done, it describes the resignation most of us have for our addiction to interracial sex and the uselessness of our sissy white male selves.


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