Sunday, March 27, 2011

A bit of fiction for your enjoyment!

This is the first draft of a new story I wrote. In the near future I'll post the final draft to Literotica, but wanted to see what others thought.

Finding My Place
By Me

I grunted again as David's cock plowed into my well trained boy-cunt. All I could do was moan through the thick wad of his sister's panties stuffed into my mouth. I had to keep quiet. My best friend was sleeping only a few doors down. Oblivious to the fact that I was about to have my insides sprayed with David's seed yet again.

I was long past the point when I could pretend to resist. In all honesty, I'm not sure I ever really wanted to stop him. And now . . . I moaned again as 8 inches of fat, teenage cock buried itself into me . . . I loved it. A part of me was still ashamed, but god I loved being bent over and used like this! It felt so good and so . . . right.

"You love my cock fucking your cunt, don't you?" He whispered.

"Mmmmm." I moaned.

How had this happened? Well, we have to go back three months to see how it all started.

* * *

The three of us, David, Kyle and me, my name's Erik, had been friends for a while. At 17, we had a history of hanging out at David's house at least once or twice a month. We'd watch movies and play ping pong and just basically kick back. And usually we'd stay overnight. Kyle and I had been best friends since grade school, but we'd only known David for about half that time. David was a unique sort of guy. He was pretty average looking and thin, but always bragging about his sexual conquests. Yet neither Kyle or I had ever seen any indication of his claimed prowess. We just smiled and let him go on. We had fun together so we could forgive his occasional ego rants.

One fateful night we were over and we had the house completely to ourselves. Not only were his parents out, but his sister, only a couple years younger than us, was staying with a friend as well. So we had a ball. At some point David produced a big bottle of Captain Morgan's Rum. It wasn't long before we were all pretty hammered and watching movies. Kyle had always been more of a lightweight with alcohol than either David or I and at some point we realized he had passed out, sprawled on end of the couch. David laughed and winked at me.

"Now that he's out," he motioned towards our softly snoring friend, "you wanna watch a porno I found?"

I was just over the border into drunk and readily agreed. "Why not." Kyle was a bit less adventurous than me when it came to sex. He wasn't the porno type.

"I gotta warn you, it looks a bit intense." He said it almost as a challenge. As if he was giving me a way to bow out if I couldn't take it.

"Bring it on, man!" I'd certainly looked at my share of porn and figured it was just a bluff. Probably something with a chick tied up or something. So what?

He hit play and we dropped into the first sex scene, already in progress. My cock sprang to life as I watched a pouty pair of fire engine red lips slid down a very impressive shaft. "Wow." I muttered. Surprised at the suddenness of it. Surprise gave way to lust though as the chick went to work on the dick with gusto. Moaning and slurping as if it was the most amazing gift she'd ever had. I was mesmerized and my cock was fully hard in seconds. At some point David refilled my rum and coke, but it was difficult to stop staring.

"Damn that looks nice!" He said.

"Yeah." I said, mouth dry. The guy pushed her back against the couch, crouched in front of her and began fucking her mouth. There was no other word for it. Slimy drool dribbled down her chin and dripped to her tits. And still she was moaning.

"She really loves that cock."

"Yeah." Was all I could say. Between the alcohol and my hormones I was lost in it. I couldn't take my eyes off that dripping cock as it thrust in and out of her mouth. "That is so hot." I mumbled.

"Oh yeah. Suck that cock baby!" I heard some shifting around. "Man I gotta beat off to this!"

It took a second to sink in, then I looked over to see David pulling his sweats and underwear off. He then leaned back on the couch and began stroking his hard-on.

I just stared. He'd always included comments about how well hung he was when talking about his sexual escapades. Kyle and I assumed that, like the stories in general, he was exaggerating or outright lying about it. At least in this case, he wasn't! My mouth dropped open as I watched him stroke at least 8 inches of thick meat. Completely dwarfing my thinner 6in dick. I'd never seen another guys hard cock in person before and only seen some in videos as big as his.

He smiled at me. "Big ain't it?"

"I'll say." I replied, finishing my drink.

"Lemme get you another drink." He grabbed my glass and hopped up, his cock bouncing and swaying. All I could do was mumble my thanks. My eyes drifted back to the screen, slowly. I was definitely drunk. And horny, I thought. The chick was now laying on her back with the guy crouched over her head. My cock throbbed as he slid his cock back into her mouth, leaned forward and began fucking her face again as if it was her pussy. It looked so hot, especially when she reached back and grabbed his ass cheeks and began pulling him in harder and deeper. She loved it! She loved being his fuck toy! Loved being face fucked. A chill ran up my spine. No, I thought, watching the guys long cock disappear completely. Throat fucked! My cock throbbed.

"She's loving it." I was a little startled to hear David's voice so close. I'd almost forgotten he was here. I turned to look at him and he was standing only a few feet away, holding out the drink. But it was his cock, pulsing slightly with his heartbeat, that I was looking at. Less than two feet away, at eye level, and pointing right at me. I felt the drink touch my hand and grabbed it. But I couldn't seem to stop staring at his cock.

"See something you like?" When I didn't answer he nudged my hand. "Better have another drink. Your mouth looks a little dry." i nodded and took a big gulp.

"It's so . . . big." I finally said.

"That's what I kept telling you guys. But you thought I was kidding." He laughed. He saw my eyes dart to Kyle, still passed out on the other end of the couch. "Don't worry about him. He's a lightweight when it comes to hard liquor and I mixed his rum and coke's pretty strong. He'll be out for hours and maybe till morning.

He looked back at me. "So my cock is much bigger than yours." He said swaying his hips to indicate his impressive manhood. It was a statement, not a question, but I answered anyway.

"A lot." As soon as I said it, my face flushed. What was I saying? Why was I volunteering that info? It was true though. His looked like the kind of meat you'd see in a porn movie. Long, thick, with only a slight downward curve. The curve made it almost look like it was bowing from it's own weight. The head looked almost a little small for it's size, but that was partly due to the way the shaft swelled just behind it.

"It's OK." He stroked it a few times. "Not everyone can be hung like this." He paused as I gulped down more of my drink and stared at his dick. "Some guys are born to use their cocks and others were born . . . well, for other things." He said with a chuckle that I didn't really understand in my present state.

I thought about the movie and how much she loved that cock in her mouth. I looked back at the screen and he was still at it, his cock was sliding out, dripping with saliva. From her nose down, she was covered in drool. She just kept moaning as he slid the full length back inside. My head turned sluggishly back to David and he cock almost touched my mouth.

My mind was blank. I could feel the heat from it and see some pre-cum smeared on the head. Whether from lust or just some reflex, I licked my lips. A heartbeat later the head of his cock slid into my mouth and his hands cupped my head.

"That's it, baby." He breathed. "This is what you wanted. What you needed." He was thrusting slowly in then pulling out all the way before sliding back into my mouth. "You need a cock in your mouth to feel complete."

My mind was spinning. Shock and a spark of rebellion rose up, but were swarmed under by something primal. The taste of his pre-cum exploded on my brain. Without thought, me tongue explored the underside of his shaft and my cheeks hollowed as I began to suck. I don't know if it was instinct or what. I know I liked the feel of it in my mouth. And I liked his hands on my head.

"Mmmm, I knew it." He moaned softly. "I could tell what you were, even though you couldn't." He pulled out, slid his wet cock over my cheek till his balls were at my lips. I began to lick and nuzzle them. "Good girl. You just proved my point. You see there are men like me, who were meant to use our cocks to give women pleasure and take pleasure from them. Then there are one's like you."

He pulled back, letting his cock slide back down my face till the head was against my lips, then pushed back inside. And I moaned. There was no denying it. I loved the feel of his cock pushing my lips apart as it slid inside. The hard, warm flesh forcing it's way inside. Then the feel of the shaft as it stretched my lips wide.

"Exactly. Some men are meant to pleasure others." He returned to a steady, rhythmic pace. His cock now sliding to the back of my throat. "To provide pleasure to stronger, more powerful men." His soft voice and the metered thrusting was almost hypnotic. My eyes were closed as I reveled in what was happening. "To submit to their physical and psychological superiority and to take pleasure from that submission."

I moaned again. Why was this exciting me? I should be upset. I should be pushing him away and demanding he back off. That's what men do, right? I real man wouldn't allow another to . . . fuck his mouth . . . like this. Why was I letting him use me. Letting him put his cock inside me. Penetrating me. Thrusting his big, fat cock into my mouth. I moaned louder.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, hands still cupping my head. My lips, slick with saliva, hung open in anticipation. They tingled from the friction, almost feeling swollen. "You're lucky. Many never realize what they were really born for. But you know now, don't you?" When I hesitated he continued. "Tell me what you want!" He said suddenly.

I just stared at his spit slick cock, eyes a little glazed, mouth waiting for it's return. "Your cock."

"This is a transformational moment for you. What do you most want right now? "

I licked my lips. They did feel a little puffy. "Your cock in my mouth. I want to suck your cock."

"So the only thing you desire is for me to slide my big, cock back inside you?"

No hesitation. "Yes."

"It feels right, doesn't it? To be allowed to suck on such a big cock?"


"Tell me, exactly what you want most in the world!"

I felt out of breath and light headed from the alcohol, emotion and the act of sucking cock for the first time. My dick was throbbing. I was sitting on the couch, only a few feet from my best friend who was passed out. But I could only think about David's beautiful cock and how it felt filling my mouth. "Right now, at this moment, what I want is for you to fuck my mouth again."

"You realize that if my cock slides back inside you . . . your life will never be the same again?"

"I know."

"But you need it now, don't you?"

I nodded, licking my lips again.

"If I fuck your mouth again, I'm going to pump your stomach full of my semen. You will be admitting to yourself that you were meant to suck cock. You will never be able to look at a cock again without wondering what it would feel like in your mouth."

My heart was pounding and with every word I felt a tingle. "I know."

"Tell me you want to suck my cock!"

"I want to suck your big, fat cock!" It was now all I could think about.

He pulled my face towards him and thrust his hips forward, sheathing his cock in my mouth again. I let out a long moan and my mouth began watering.

"Suck my cock. It's what you want! It's what you need!" His strokes were faster, but still shallow. Stopping just short of the back of my mouth. "You need cock, you little slut! You were born for this. Born to worship a real man's cock."

My mind was a haze of lust. I began slamming my face forward on his cock. My mouth making nasty slurping noises as I drooled all over his meat. I loved it! My mouth was his pussy. A warm, wet, suctioning hole to be fucked. The wetness dripping down my chin just made me feel more dirty and submissive. My mind chanted, 'Use me!' over and over.

"Yes! I knew you were a sissy cocksucker! I knew you just needed a strong man to awaken the submissive slut inside you."

In my mind I replied, 'Yes, I'm a cocksucker. I'm a sissy-slut!'

"Accept that your place is sucking the cocks of strong, hung men! Any man with a bigger dick than you is your superior."

I moaned around his cock. He was right, of course. Real men had big cocks. Big, fat, juicy COCKS. My own little dick pulsed in the knowledge.

"Get ready for your first load of cum, Erica! Suck me!"

I worked my tongue along the bottom of his cock-head and sucked hard. He was close, I could feel it in his frantic thrusts. Then suddenly he just grunted and I felt the first spurt of cum rocket out of his cock and into my mouth. Then another and another and another. Filling my mouth with seed. I swallowed and swallowed, but some still ran out the corner of my mouth. As his orgasm subsided, he pulled his cock out and stroked it roughly over my face. The last of his cum oozed out of the slit and dribbled onto my nose and across my cheek.

"Let me help you, my little slut." Using his cock, he smeared the cum all over my face. "This is your place from now on. On your knees with a cock in your mouth." He chuckled. "Your diet is going to be very protein rich from now on." He saw my hand begin to rub the bulge my hard dick was making in my jeans. "Stop! You missed your chance to cum tonight."

I looked at him, confused. He just smiled as he pulled his underwear and pants back on. "There are rules for you now. First, from now on you will NOT cum unless you have a cock inside you. Second, you will NEVER clean cum off your body till your next, regular shower or unless instructed otherwise. Third, you WILL suck my cock ANYTIME I tell you to and ANYWHERE I tell you to. Forth, you Will suck ANY cock I tell you to and ANYWHERE I tell you to. Fifth, you WILL take every opportunity to look at other men's cocks and imagine them in your mouth. You WILL of course recognize those superior to you and you WILL offer them due respect. Remember, any cock bigger than yours is, by definition, superior."

Kyle woke later in the evening. He didn't know I had David's cum coating my throat and drying on me face. He didn't know his best friend had changed. In less than an hour I had gone from 'normal' guy to cocksucker. Kyle also didn't know that I was already wondering what HIS cock looked and tasted like. Wondering if it was bigger than mine and hoping that it was!


  1. I used to have a black rubber dildo that was 8" and quite thick so I think I know exactly what David's cock feels like in your mouth. Where's it going next? Ha! We know the answer to that don't we? Great story! Raging boner here.

    BTW, you should email me sometime ;)

  2. omg I accept It too! I was born to be the bottom with a man!

  3. Couldn`t resist revisiting this story. The image of a teenage boy with a thick 8inch cock in his mouth is just SO...FUCKING...HOT. I`ve got some twink vids on my HD so heading there next. Time to break out the lube and the towel ;)

  4. I'm back again. Absolutely LOVE this story! I almost had this experience when I was about 15 but I chickened out at the last minute. Wish I hadn't.

  5. Hey there, me again. I love jacking off to this story. Just did it again. You know I have a thing for BBC but I also have a weakness for well-endowed young hunks. I've got it BAD! Thanks again for the bone. Maybe you'd want to chat sometime?


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