Friday, February 24, 2012

Wife's History

Your wife had always maintained that while she had partied a lot with her sorority sisters, she had been much more interested in study than sex. But then you stumbled on the pictures and the letter . . .

There was no mistaking the cute brunette in the pics. Your wife was always so pretty . . .

Your cock hardens as you see her pretty mouth wrapped around the huge, black cock. You wanted to feel jealous, to be outraged at her for lying about her past. But . . . but . . .

You tear your eyes away from the pics to read the letter.

"Kerry, I thought you'd like a memento from our college days. :-) I thought we'd never pry your mouth off Tyron's amazing cock. You really loved those black boys! LOL!  - Monica"

Your mind flashes to your hard drive full of interracial porn. All those pics of pretty girls and sissies being dominated by black cock. All those Black Cock Whores. Just like your wife! Oh, FUCK! You're wife is a BLACK COCK WHORE! You cry out as your dick erupts in your underwear without even touching it.

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