Sunday, February 19, 2012

In the Zone

Buffy had never felt so alive, so horny, so dirty and so gooood! Her body thrummed in time to her rapid heart beat. Her breathing coming in short puffs, each in perfect time with the cock plunging deeply and repeatedly inside her spasming pussy.

Her eyes were glazed over from both lust and the thick ropes of semen sprayed across her face by one of the frat boys who had been fucking her for the last hour. Or maybe it had been hours, she didn't know or care anymore. As cock after cock had stretched her pussy wider and each set of balls had flooded her canal with warm jizz she'd felt her mind slip away.  Her brain was blank. Sunk deep beneath a sea of semen and pussy juice. She wasn't a young woman anymore. Somewhere around the 4th cock of the evening she had stopped being even a person and had been transformed by orgasm after orgasm, into a living, breathing cock receptacle.

The only voice left in her empty head simply chanted, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, . . ."


  1. That's the zone i want to be in. i want to be a cock receptical too!

  2. That's the zone I think we ALL want to be in! :-) Mindless, pleasure toys, cuming over and over and over.


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