Saturday, February 11, 2012

He Shouldn't Have Looked . . .

He stared at the image, his cock throbbing. This was so wrong, so sick, but he couldn't look away. He'd just been doing his son a favor by forwarding a term paper to his teacher. He hadn't meant to look at anything else, but the thumbnail on the computer's desktop caught his eye before he could shutdown. He shouldn't have looked. He should have minded his own business. Then he never would have seen what a hot sissy bitch his son was.

His son was a freshmen in college and was spending this weekend with a couple friends at the beach. His mind now started wondering what the three boys were actually doing. The images that filled his mind were wrong, but he couldn't stop them. He could see it so clearly now . . .

Jake's big, black cock pinning his sissy-son to the mattress, fucking away whatever maleness might still remain . . .

Mark's white cock spraying cum all over his son's girly face . . .

"UHHHGGG YESSS!" He moaned, filling his own panties with cum.


  1. Fuckin' hot as hell.. is that your picture? The first one?

  2. Not my picture, though I'd be a lucky little sissy-slut if it was!

  3. I Love Black Inside Me! I would luv being in those pics receiving him too!

  4. Mmmmmmm...great post!

  5. Simply awesome pics, and great story!

    Definitely keep sharing, you have me cumming in buckets!!!


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