Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Sister's Surprise

Renee had always been dismissive and rude to her little sister's black boyfriends. Janet had been exclusively dating black boys since shortly after starting High School. Now as a senior, her current boyfriend was actually over a year younger than she was. Renee, three years older than her sister and home from college for the summer, was disgusted to see Janet hanging off the young black boy like a faithful pet.

Then came the Saturday night Renee had come home from a particularly dull time at the bar. A friend had dropped her off, still pretty buzzed. Her parents were out of town for the weekend visiting friends and at 2 am she didn't expect to see any lights on. But not only were the family room lights on, but music was thumping loud enough to hear on the street. Annoyed and slightly drunk Renee stalked into the house to find a scene that took her breath away.

She was transfixed by the sight of at least 9" of BLACK COCK plunging into Janet's tiny, teen pussy. "Not tiny anymore" she thought, as the thick shaft thrust balls-deep in time with the music. It was the most beautiful cock she'd ever seen. It dwarfed anything she'd ever had inside her and the shiny coating of her sister's pussy juice only made it hotter. Her pussy throbbed and drooled as she walked unsteadily into the room.

An hour later, Renee had learned. Under Marcus' firm instructions and Janet's eager guidance, big sister was taught the art of submission to BLACK COCK. Now with cum still oozing out of her pussy, Janet eagerly accepted her first face full of black semen. Only the first of many BLACK COCKS she would come to worship.


  1. I always wanted a "big brother's" surprise myself, but none of my sisters cooperated. :)


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