Saturday, May 7, 2011

Erica: First Real Life Encounter

When I went off to college, for the first time I was in a good sized city and most cities of that size also have Adult Book Stores. Here I was, on my own and horny, with stores just down the street filled with illicit sexual paraphernalia. I was soon treking over once every week or so. Mostly just to look, but occasionally to buy an explicit magazine or drop some tokens in the viewing booths in back. This was another eye opener for me, booths where for a few quarters I could watch snippets of hard core skin flicks. It blew my mind. This sudden availability of porn gave me a chance to pick up the occasional collection of Bi fiction entitled 'BiOptions'. This wasn't just encounters between men, it was also encounters between women which is something that so many men get off on, me included. It provided fodder for a number of sessions of self pleasuring.

That's all it was for most of my two years in college. I had straight sex sporadically during this time. It was in my second year that I had the first real life encounter with another guy. An older student I became friends with was gay. You’d never have guessed it, though. He was about 6’-1” slim, very hairy and very masculine. Well we started hanging out a bit and got into a regular thing of me going to his apartment to watch a show we both liked.

One night after the show we started talking about sex a bit. We had watched the show on the TV he had in his bedroom so we were lounging on his bed at the time. At some point he asked if I’d like to watch a gay porn flick. I said “why not”. Soon after he put it on he began to make an official pass at me. He asked me if I minded and that if I said “no” he’d just drop it and that would be the end of it. Well I didn’t say anything and let him continue.

He started stroking my crotch and finally pulled out my cock and started to blow me. It was only the second or third BJ I’d had and was very nice. He sucked me till I came hard in his mouth and he swallowed every drop. He got up on his knees on the bed, while I was laying back on one elbow. His cock was about a foot away and almost exactly at mouth level. He moved a little closer and asked if I’d like to suck him. I was so nervous that I didn’t say anything. I just stared at his cock, like a deer in the headlights. He must have taken my lack of a negative as a yes. He put his hand on the back of my head and gave me a gentle pull. Next thing I remember his cock is in my mouth and I’m giving my first blow job! At some point he laid down on his back (though I honestly don’t remember) and I was crouched between his legs with my mouth glued to his cock, sucking like mad. Sometime after that I remember him saying that I had taken to it like a duck to water. :) I sucked until he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all without hesitation. I never even considered not swallowing. It just seemed natural to drink it down.

We didn’t do anything else that night and the situation never repeated itself. I kinda wished I hadn’t been so nervous about things and had persued a few more sexual encounters with him. I regret not trying that again and I sometimes regret not asking him to fuck me.

That was the first time. It wasn’t till at least 5 years later that I had another serious experience.

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