Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm sure I'm not the only one who reaches these points where a certain level of self-loathing seems to overtake me. And I pull back from my regular porn visits. I stop shaving and even consider going back to boy underwear. But the boy underwear just fits wrong. And I let my guard down and suddenly I'm online again . . . looking and thinking. The blogs. The sissy blogs and the black cock blogs start to pull me back down like a sensual kiss. Soon I'm saving pics like crazy again. The captions and the cocksucking pics. I seem especially susceptible to the images and captions focussing on superior black cock. How could I not be drawn to those huge, commanding cocks?

What's the matter with me. I thought I was a normal guy, but sometimes . . .


  1. i dont want to be anyone else but ME . and i decide what ME is ( sissy sub slut ) . I decide what i like , and dont like . I fuck where and when I like, I am not interested in someone
    elses ideas of what i should, or should not do, or be a wet bitch about. being honest is a strength. having a clit ( instead of a cock ) is a strength. stay true to yourself, and not some other persons idea of what is " right " .
    Look after yourself. xxx wetcumkisses, Me

  2. Thanks Barbi! I appreciate your supportive words.

  3. Erica, there is absolutely NOTHING the matter with you! You are who you are. Embrace it babe.

  4. Don't fight it if you like it


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