Monday, November 28, 2011

House Sitter

Janet's heart pounded as she watched, hands clutching her bare legs. It was so hot, so unexpected and so wrong! The idea that she and Greg would get back from their vacation a couple days early to find their house sitter dressed in her lingerie and using her big dildo to fuck themselves senseless would have been kinky and hot enough. But the fact that their house sitter was their neighbor's son had made her pussy throb!  The fact that their sitter was so cute dressed up as a girl was part of it. But, watching the little sissy squeal and cry out "Fuck Me, Fuck Me!!" as 'she' took 8, thick inches of rubber cock, balls deep, had been the most erotic and kinky thing either of them had ever seen.

'Staci' now did all sorts of odd jobs for them, though her parents had no idea that most of them entailed being pumped full of Mark's cum or sucking on Janet's drooling and well fucked pussy. Yes, Staci was the best thing that ever happened to their sex life!

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